The Daito-ryu is a school (ryu) of traditional Japanese jujutsu, an unarmed martial art.Its unique characteristic is its development of internal cultivation rather than normal muscle power. This helps cultivate a very relaxed and healthy body and mind. The art can be practiced at any age by anyone.

Until the twentieth century, this style of jujutsu was practiced as an o-tome bujutsu; It was transmitted exclusively to high ranking members of the Aizu clan, who were based in The province of Kai (modern-day Fukushima).

Traditionally, it was taught in three levels.
The Muden Juku concentrates on the higher level internal cultivation known as:

Aiki no Jutsu ​(Techniques using aiki):
The techniques at this level are the core of the art. Traditionally, they were never taught openly.
Many techniques start in seiza (a formal sitting posture used in traditional Japanese arts).
The movements are extremely subtle and rely on an understanding of aiki and internal cultivation rather than brute strength. Because of this, these techniques can be performed by men, women and children of all ages and sizes.
The deep awareness one develops as one cultivates aiki is also extremely beneficial for one’s health and mental/emotional equilibrium.