Daito ryu aikijujutsu is a traditional form of jujutsu ( japanese unarmed self defence) that utilises the body in a highly sophisticated, efficent way.

Its training method helps reconnect/train neural pathways so that mind and body become deeply integrated. This leads to great benefits in physical health and mental application. Practiced properly, daito ryu practicioners should enjoy great vitality well into advanced age.

Essentially, the body one develops is actually the body that one should develop if practiced traditional authentic bodywork such as yoga, correctly. Unfortunately, many people purporting to teach authentic asian bodywork traditions do so improperly and put far too much emphasis on physical muscle power and athletic style work outs. This leads to short term results but can also lead to long term chronic injury.

Our practice is practical and concrete. I do not use new age buzz words such as mindfulness or chakras etc . Rather than merely talk about vague concepts like this we actually cultivate a truly integrated body. This is a type of training something that we moderns, with our excessively sedentary lifestyle and ever lengthening lifespan, are sorely in need adopting.

Don´t give your time or money to people purporting to teach new age or ancient body work unless they can establish a lineage from whom they learned and can demonstrate unusual or sophisticated body usage/power generation.

If you are interested in training, please contact us before attending a class. Please state your training history (if any). You can try out one class for free.